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What is "-Mortens Miscellaneous-"?


The -Mortens Miscellaneous- webpage contains downloads to beta versions of the main software projects on this webpage.
Furthermore this webpage contains information on other software I have written over the time. The software presented here has mainly "tool" character and it makes no sense to create it's own particular page.
However - I believe that certain tools could be helpful for other than me, too. So I decided to release them to public.
All program on this webpage are freeware!

Mortens Beta Section


The following links lead to the download of a beta version of my software. Please note: These versions are updated on a non-regular basis and I am not going to inform if a new beta version has been released. If there is no beta-version the download will contain an information accordingly.
Feel free to give these pieces a try, you are welcome to report issues that occure with these versions. I am (however) trying to present the software in a usable state. Usually I work with these versions myself.


Other Software...


Over the time I have developed a lot of tools for several tasks I had to manage (somehow). Some of these tools are provided here to share with others. Usually these tools are for specific tasks and do not demand to be feature-rich or superiour quality. However - you might still find the one or other piece you are looking for.
Please note: Software marked with a [VB] requires the Visual Basic 6 runtime (redistribution pack) installed. This is common on Windows XP otherwise may be downloaded for free from Microsoft at:

  • AkkTrans is a tool in German language to transpose accord sequences. It is very easy to handle and musicians may find it useful. [VB]
  • Base64Decode is a tool to decode strings that are encoded in Base64 notation. I am using this to verify the content of certain emails before download. [VB]
  • CopyIfExist is a tool to copy a file from one folder into another as soon as it is being created. Thus the source folder is being tracked and as soon as the file can be copied it will be to a destination folder. [VB]
  • FileBoy is a tool in German language to rename files according to a specified pattern. It works recursively on folders and has been designed to e.g. quickly rename fotos from a digital camera. [VB]
  • SMTP Logger is a tool that emulates an SMTP email server. It runs on the local host and can be used to track what data is being send to the server. It captures the messages (emails) sent to it and stores them for inspection. A "find in messages" mechanism allows searching for specific keywords in the received emails.
    This application is useful in 2 ways: Eighter you want to track what an application is sending or as a message receiver for (private) emails e.g. from your friends/collegues. [VB]
  • Mat2Ascii is a tool for Matlab (see that allows to convert the content of MAT files (variables, vectors, matrices...) and/or from workspace into ASCii format. It also allows combining the content of several files or variables into a single ASCii file. The data can be transformed during conversion to fit in dimensions. This tool is very useful to convert e.g. measurement data into a generic (ASCii) format. I have written this tool during my studies. It is provided as Matlab v6.1 P-code but should also run under Matlab v6.5, v7 and above. I would welcome an email if a user were able to do so. I have no Matlab environment myself to verify this.



If you are a developer yourself and would like to participate in one of these projects than feel free to contact me. But: You should have a very strong background in software development. I am looking for help especially for porting these projects into VB.NET (.NET framework 2.0). I am not willing to release the source code "as-is" and I am going to verify your knowledge before any co-operation.

However, if you have a particular question on a software or feature I have developed and would like to know "how it works" for your own project I am willing to provide you with the information (if practicable). If you are going to make profit out of it then I expect you to (at least) donate something. This requires further discussion if applicable.

If you require a particular software and think that I am able to do this task for you feel free to contact me.

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