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What is "Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher"?


Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher is a tool to configure and run the X-server (Xwin) of the Cygwin-project and optionally connect to a remote server via XDMCP or a shell.
Cygwin is an excellent approach to bring LinuX (LinuX-kernel) functionality to a Windows desktop and therefore allowing e.g. cross-development with ease.
However - if you ever tried to do so using a non-english keyboard layout you might have faced the problem of a non-working nationalisation. Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher tries to fix this next to many may other issues that appear consequently in a multi-server environment.
In the end pre-sets (connection options) can be defined and saved to easily access remote (or local) X-server services. All information are stored in an INI-file allowing easy changes. Furthermore (in advanced mode) nearly all XWin settings can be experiment with. Finally Cygwin X-Launcher supports an extensive set of command-line parameters allowing several configurations and launch of pre-sets automatically. Run "CygwinXLauncher.exe /?" for details.
Actually I wrote this for my work but I thought I could also make it available to public.
This program is freeware!



Here you can see some screenshots of Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher in action:
Click on each of it to see it in full-size.

CXL main screen CXL main screen (full) CXL XWin screen CXL Shell screen CXL advanced XWin screen CXL advanced xterm screen

Download latest version...


First of all you may want to download a ZIP-archive containing the files required for the xmodmap feature to work with german language support. The ZIP-file contains the required files in a directory structure as where to copy into your Cygwin installation directory. These files can be easily converted into another language. If you want to distribute other languages please provide me the files.
In recent versions (>=1.19) you may try the "xkblayout" function before (availbale through the XWin setup within CXL).

The latest version of Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher is: v1.27 (build 58, compiled 20.02.2006).
There are two versions for you to download:

1.) The full version - 1.28 MB.
This is a .zip-archive which includes the full setup with install/uninstall feature and all needed libraries.
Please follow these instructions to install:

  • Unextract the .zip-archive to a temporary directory (e.g. "c:\Temp")
  • Run "setup.exe" which will guide you through the install procedure.
  • Finished... ;-)

2.) The update version - 142 kB.
This package has no libraries included. You can (also) use it as an update for Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher version(s) after v1.00.
If you have already installed any other of my software products, then this version should work for you as well.
Please download the file and follow these instructions to install:

  • Unextract the .zip-archive to a temporary directory (e.g. "c:\Temp")
  • Copy the extracted "Cygwin X-Launcher.exe" - file to you -Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher- installation directory, normally located at "c:\program files\Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher".
  • Finished... ;-)

By the way: You are WELCOME to report bugs or making any suggestions on Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher. I will always try to consider this in the next version(s).

Please note: Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher was developed using M$ Visual Basic v6.0 (SP5).

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