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Changes and improvements in -Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher-:

Version 1.27 - build 58
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: XDMCP query feature
  • Improved: Verify locale directory before exploring to it
  • Improved: Close button to information message (hide info-from permanently)
  • Improved: Enable AutoReDraw for certain forms
  • Improved: Renamed buttons from cancel to close where it makes more sense
  • Fixed: Certain spelling mistakes

Version 1.26 - build 56
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Verification of INI file version number on load/save
  • Added: Possibility to select X-server
  • Added: Possibility to select display number
  • Added: Link to FAQ
  • Added: Easy path selection using SelectFolder dialog
  • Improved: Activation of advanced mode(s) is better visualised
  • Improved: Verification for numeric values
  • Improved: Path conversation between Unix/Windows

Version 1.25 - build 53
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Possibility to add /cygdrive PATH entries (that are resolved)
  • Added: Possibility to select the SSH port specifically
  • Added: Possibility to sort PATH entries
  • Added: Support for external XWin/SSH programs - see FAQ
  • Improved: The query dialog allows more functionality, e.g. querying cygcheck

Version 1.24 - build 52
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Possibility to query versions/help of Xwin/SSH
  • Added: Possibility to create local configuration files which might be required for localisation of local shells
  • Added: Information window that informs about application startup
  • Added: Possibility to select between rxvt and xterm terminal
  • Improved: Layout on some forms has been changed to "CXL style"
  • Improved: Line buffer for shell has been increased from 1000 to 5000 lines
  • Improved: Help (bubble help).
  • Improved: Settings to apply xmodmap are now off by default since this is no longer required with recent version of Cygwin/X and keyboard layout
  • Improved: Internal improvements / code clean-up
  • Improved: The way to startup external programs (Browser, Mail, Explorer)
  • Improved: Registry API calls
  • Improved: WinSock error messages
  • Fixed: Minor GUI glitches, hard-to-understamd questions
  • Fixed: Some bubble-helps were misspelled or wrong

Version 1.23 - build 50
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Possibility to configure fullscreen mode
  • Added: Ability to make local shell a login-shell
  • Added: Support for multiple monitors in advanced XWin configuration
  • Added: Help for XAUTH and SSH-passwd patch functionality
  • Improved: Some layout enhancements
  • Fixed: Bug wih fullscreen option in advanced XWin
  • Fixed: Minor issue with selection of window-manager
  • Fixed: XHost option was also enabled for local xterm (was senseless)

Version 1.22 - build 48
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Possibility to enable SSH compression
  • Added: Possibility to select XDMCP port
  • Added: Possibility to select XDMCP "from" address
  • Added: All keyboard layouts possible in XWin-setup
  • Added: Ability for additional parameters in advanced setups
  • Improved: Radical GUI redesign to fulfil new requirements
  • Improved: Added default button to all major sections
  • Improved: Predefinitions-combobox selection now automatically loads the selected predefinition
  • Improved: Minor internal redesigns for better code-resuage
  • Fixed: Few minor issues like spelling mistakes and swapped captions

Version 1.21 - build 46
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Possibility to set title, geometry and font-size for xterm per pre-definition
  • Added: Class/cursor settings in advanced xterm
  • Improved: Optimised settings in advanced xterm
  • Improved: (Internal) code optimisations
  • Fixed: Non-resistent settings for screens in advanced XWin

Version 1.20 - build 44
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Smart detection of XWin being running or not
  • Improved: Re-ordered tab iteration
  • Improved: Check of values in numeric textboxes
  • Improved: Full Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility
  • Fixed: Bug with non-working XDMCP

Version 1.19 - build 42
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Options +/-kb, xkblayout, xkbmodel to advanced XWin
  • Added: Options xkblayout and clipboard to XWin/Shell config
  • Added: Ability to hide the status window of XWin
  • Improved: Default-path is being selected in BrowseForFolder dialogs
  • Improved: Re-organised layout of XWin/Shell configuration
  • Improved: Internal code-optimisations and improvements
  • Fixed: Option clipupdate did not use parameter
  • Fixed: Removed ignoreinput, XF86config (-keyboard) from advanced XWin (no longer supported by up-to-date Cygwin/X)

Version 1.18 - build 40 (HotFix)
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Fixed: Default button for Cygwin/XFree setup was not working
  • Fixed: Check for running XWin was showing a misleading error message when using OpenGL extensions

Version 1.18 - build 39
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Support for mwExtWM (multi-window external window manager mode) and [no]keyhook in advanced XWin
  • Added: Ability to start OpenGL enhanced XWin
  • Added: Ability to automatically update all predefinitions (for import)
  • Improved: Import of predefinitions starts at default settings folder
  • Improved: Custom window manager now also allows passing command-line arguments to window manager executable
  • Improved: Custom window manager is being verified more safely
  • Improved: Added defaults for several advanced xterm settings
  • Improved: Help/explanation for several functions
  • Fixed: Multimonitors in advanced XWin had to be Multiplemonitors
  • Fixed: Error when re-loading xterm colors (only for "white")

Version 1.17 - build 37
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Ability to fully configure xterm via advanced options
  • Improved: Changed layout to better separate advanced options
  • Improved: Upgraded project to VisualStudio 6 - ServicePack 6
  • Fixed: Tab order of controls should again be as expected
  • Fixed: AIX settings for XDMCP were not saved/recalled correctly
  • Fixed: Few spelling mistakes

Version 1.16 - build 35 (HotFix)
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Check if XWin is already running
  • Added: Ability to select colors for shell
  • Improved: Check for files now more generic
  • Improved: Code crunsh by better code seperation
  • Fixed: CXL is now compatible to the latest Cygwin release
  • Fixed: Minor issue with PATH- and screen-form

Version 1.16 - build 34
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Ability to enable/disable X11 forwarding for SSH connections
  • Added: Ability to select default or trusted X11 SSH connections
  • Improved: (internal) Less memmry usage for images
  • Improved: GUI optimisations for better overview
  • Improved: Bubble help on GUI (more explanations)
  • Improved: Support for OpenSSH v3.8 -> fixed X Errors when using SSH shell connection
  • Improved: Command-line switches including quotation marks are handled correctly (switch within quotation mark is interpreted as one)
  • Improved: "About" - dialog will show Cygwin DLL version being used
  • Improved: Handler for command-line switches now shows a warning if unknown command-line switches have been provided
  • Fixed: Wrong warning message if shell modus and fixed window size selected
  • Fixed: Error if information form was shown and a modal form was opened
  • Fixed: When showing settings using the toggle-button a wrong content-frame was sometimes shown

Version 1.15 - build 32
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Several new command-line switches for automised startup; the command-line switch /help will show an overview (by request)
  • Added: Overlapping informative form reporting batch-file launch (by request)
  • Improved: All predefintions are now being saved without blank-space.
    Please note: This is for predefinitons to work with automatic startup. Existing predefinitions with blanks may have to be changed manually.
  • Improved: If an action is taken all critical buttons are disabled
  • multiwindow and rootless can also be chosen for local XWin
  • Command-line switch /silent now suppresses all messages with pure informative character
  • Fixed: Program running in an undefined state when pressing very quickly Go - Quit after another

Version 1.14 - build 28 ("DLR Edition")
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Label that shows the currently applied predefinition (by request)
  • Improved: Cygwin HOME folder is tried to be automatically extracted from the registry (by request)
  • Fixed: Wrong check for xmodmap being available if option was disabled
  • Fixed: Tooltip help was incorrect for form toggle-button

Version 1.13 - build 26
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Configuration options are now non-visible by default to keep the application small-sized since the default usage is applying pre-definitions (by request)
  • Fixed: multiwindow/rootless settings were not saved correctly

Version 1.12 - build 24
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Advanced XWin settings are now stored into INI file
  • Added: Possibility to select type of XDMCP connect (by request)
  • Added: "About" menu item
  • Improved: Application can now be minimised (by request)
  • Improved: A lot of code cleanup and optimisations
  • Improved: Minimized size of executable by using compression
  • Fixed: .Xauthority-file was not created within user-home folder
  • Fixed: XWin connectivity options were missing if using advanced XWin settings

Version 1.11 - build 22
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Support for local non-user-specific SSH settings for shell logins (by request)
  • Added: Support for xhost activation for shell logins (by request)
  • Added: Support for advanced XWin configuration (by request)
  • Added: Support for shell-only commands (by request)
  • Added: Support for multiwindow mode for shell logins
  • Improved: Redesign of GUI for better overview
  • Improved: Import now allows skipping erroneous settings
  • Improved: 8.3 path names are generated for better compatibility with Cygwin and folders containing blanks
  • Improved: (More) required files are checked before start-up
  • Improved: Variables generated will be removed (unset)
  • Improved: Minor internal other things
  • Fixed: Wrong cancel behaviour on ESC key in path settings
  • Fixed: Under certain cirumstances some controls were not enabled

Version 1.10 - build 18
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Support for automised XAUTH challenge (by request)
  • Added: Verification of (path) settings
  • Improved: PATH environment variable is now fully configurable (by request)
  • Fixed: Error message if custom window manager was setup

Version 1.09 - build 16
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Settings can now be imported from an external file
  • Added: Predefinitions can now also be deleted from within GUI (by request)
  • Improved: Allowing the use of more then 5 predefintions; Changed GUI appropriate (by request)
  • Improved: (Internal) Moved to open architecture approach: Every class / function / procedure is fully customisable which should allow the integration of new features with ease
  • Fixed: Saving settings in installation folder now acts as assumed
  • Fixed: Issue with fontserver name settings that were not restored

Version 1.08 - build 14
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Improved: Moved font server to XWin section (configuration) for better logical separation
  • Added: Support to fix screen size (by request)
  • Added: Support to reset configuration to defaults
  • Added: Command-line switch "/h", "/?" for help; "/s" for silent mode (no message box after launch)

Version 1.07 - build 12
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Settings are now beeing saved in the user-specific application folder; optionally this can turned off (by request)
  • Added: Web link to -Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher- webpage (by request)
  • Improved: Cygwin user folder is beeing automatically created if not existent
  • Improved: Windows specific HOME and USERPROFILE environment variables that are interpreted by Cygwin are beeing redirected correctly (and restored after start of X-Server)

Version 1.06 - build 10
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Function to automatically obtain Cygwin-root (by request)
  • Added: Function to add a font-server to configuration (by request)
  • Improved: (internal) Made support Email variable
  • Fixed: Bug related to settings saving

Version 1.05 - build 9
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Error handling if settings cannot be saved
  • Added: Browse-for-folder dialog to select Cygwin-root
  • Added: Function to automatically obtain username (by request)
  • Added: Support to select remote shell (SSH/RSH)
  • Added: Comments (tool-tips) as help
  • Added: XP-Style support (on WinXP only)
  • Improved: AIX checkbox now disables upon configuration
  • Improved: (internal) Default-values in controls to fictive ones
  • Improved: INI-entry "AIX_SSH" to "AIX_Shell"
  • Improved: INI-entry "ServerSSH" to "ServerShell"
  • Improved: INI-entry "LoginSSH" to "LoginShell"
  • Fixed: Bug related to "/d" command-line switch
  • Fixed: Some wrong (inconsistent) default-settings

Version 1.04 - build 7
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Support to save pre-definitions
  • Added: Command-line switch "/d" to not delete the batch-file that has been compiled in then Win-Temp folder

Version 1.03 - build 6
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Subject to support Email
  • Added: New line to batch-file that automatically creates the home-folder (if not existent)
  • Fixed: Bug with xmodmap not beeing set

Version 1.02 - build 4
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: App's version number is shown in form-caption
  • Added: Little "Email-Gimmick" for support via Email
  • Improved: Made xmodmap variable
  • Improved: INI-entry "Login" to "CygwinUser"
Please note:
Version 1.01 was an internal (non-public) release.

Version 1.00 - build 1
Added / improved / fixed:

  • This is the initial release of -Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher-.
    If you have any ideas how to improve -Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher- please don't hesitate to contact me!

Versions before 1.00
The versions before the initial release were not posted on this webpage.

By the way: You are WELCOME to report bugs or making any suggestions on -Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher-. I will always try to consider this in the next version(s).

Please note: -Mortens Cygwin X-Launcher- was developed using M$ Visual Basic v6.0 (SP5).

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