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Version history...


Changes and improvements in -Mortens ShutDown-:

Version 1.05 - build 17
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Ability to hibernate PC
  • Fixed: Missing to re-enable certain controls

Version 1.04 - build 15
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Ability to setup an application to run (remotely) via INI file
  • Added: Option to password-protect running an application (remotely) via INI file
  • Improved: Re-organised GUI dialogs for better overview and smaller size
  • Improved: (internal) Huge code-cleanup and code-modularisation
  • Fixed: A few minor issues

Version 1.03 - build 11
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Ability to run application on startup ("/run" command line switch)
  • Added: Several information shown via balloon help in systray
  • Added: Ability to select the INI file to read time/abort settings from for remote administration (by request)
  • Improved: Allow toggle of tag-file creation and warning during run (by request)
  • Improved: Slightly GUI re-design
  • Improved: (internal) Code clean-up
  • Improved: Installer/uninstaller routines
  • Fixed: Several issues with menu in systray (not disabling...)

Version 1.02 - build 9
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Ability to set a tag-file that holds the date/time of the shut down.
  • Improved: Better Win-API error handling.
  • Improved: (internal) Code crunch by better separation.

Version 1.01 - build 7 (Service Release)
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Fixed: Whenever -Mortens ShutDown- is started, the INI-file will now be updated with the actual settings. In older versions this happened only when exiting the application which lead to wrong information when (re-) configuring a running MSD via INI-file.
  • Fixed: Date was set to future automatically when running.
  • Fixed: Warning message was shown always 1 minute too late.

Version 1.01 - build 6
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Ability to set the day when to shut down (by request). Removed ability to select seconds since this makes no real sense.
  • Added: Ability to abort shut down (remotely) via INI-settings (by request).
  • Added: Ability to change time of shut down (remotely) via INI-settings (by request).
  • Improved: Time when to warn can now be selected.
  • Improved: Windows XP style support (if running under WinXP).

Version 1.00 - build 3
Added / improved / fixed:

  • This is the initial release of -Mortens ShutDown-.
    If you have any ideas how to improve -Mortens ShutDown- please don't hesitate to contact me!

Versions before 1.00
The versions before the initial release were not posted on this webpage.

By the way: You are WELCOME to report bugs or making any suggestions on -Mortens ShutDown-. I will always try to consider this in the next version(s).

Please note: -Mortens ShutDown- was developed using M$ Visual Basic v6.0 (SP5).

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