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Changes and improvements in -Mortens WTeaTime-:

Version 1.04 - build 11 (Service Release)
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Fixed: Settings were not saved if program was closed using the "X"-control (or Alt+F4).
  • Fixed: If -Mortens WTeaTime- was running and the system was shutting down a warning message was shown (that could lead to interrupt the shut down procedure).
  • Fixed: Overflow bug if the message for the general times had more than 128 characters.
  • Fixed: (Possible) Overflow bug if the names for the types and kinds for teas were longer than 100 characters.
  • Fixed: A little spelling mistake.
Please note: These minor (but annoying) issues have been reported today - which is just one day after the release of v1.04. This Service Release addresses all of these issues. Thanks for reporting these issues really fast!

Version 1.04 - build 10
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: -Mortens WTeaTime- now (finally) saves it's settings.
  • Added: Made -Mortens WTeaTime- fully customizable using a standard INI-file. You can freely add/remove your favorite teas. To do so, simply edit the WTeaTime.ini - file that will be created after the first run. This file should be easy to understand.
  • Improved: A lot of (!) internal improvements. Complete rewrite of the core-engine to add INI-support.
  • Improved: Moved project to Nullsoft's installer. This should hopefully fix some issues that had been reported with the standard VB installer.
  • Improved: Set language content to english. No german error messages anymore (unless you're running a german version of Windows).

Version 1.03 - build 8
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: This program is now freeware for commercial use under given restrictions (see "About"-box for details).
  • Improved: Some minor cosmetic (internal) improvements.
  • Fixed: Minor bug that "time left"-label did not show correct time when setting alarm clock to past.

Version 1.02 - build 7
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: Stop watch functionality. This can run parallel to any timer.
  • Improved: Redesigned global time-update procedure from scratch.

Version 1.01 - build 5
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Added: General timer, which is not especially for tea.
  • Added: Alarm clock function. You can now also setup an alarm time, at which -Mortens WTeaTime- reminds you on something.
  • Improved: Worked out a (hopefully) nice and easy-to-understand user interface to switch between different functions.
  • Improved: Rearranged tab-order for better handling.
  • Improved: The icon in taskbar shows which type of timer is selected (and running).
  • Improved: If timer is still running and a user requests the application to close (quit) a warning message will appear.
  • Fixed: Fatal error, when message window could not appear because other forms were still opened.

Version 1.00 (release) - build 3
Added / improved / fixed:

  • Improved: Layout of -Mortens WTeaTime- has been changed to "look better".
  • Added: About-box to let you know about the author and it's web-contact.
  • Fixed: Bug that combo-box was not enabled when selecting "Green tea".
  • Fixed: Wrong spelling of "chinese"... ;-)

Version 1.00beta
Added / improved / fixed:

  • This is the initial (beta) release of -Mortens WTeaTime-.
    If you have any ideas how to improve -Mortens WTeaTime- please don't hesitate to contact me!

Versions before 1.00beta
The versions before the initial (beta) release were not posted on this webpage.

By the way: You are WELCOME to report bugs or making any suggestions on -Mortens WTeaTime-. I will always try to consider this in the next version(s).

Please note: -Mortens WTeaTime- was developed using M$ Visual Basic v6.0 (SP5).

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